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Everything you need to know about Rebecca and how her knowledge and experience will help your child.

Rebecca Rogerson

I’m an English, Literacy and Dyslexia Intervention specialist delivering 1-2-1 and group support within schools, private settings and online. I believe everyone can succeed, given the right tools to so do and literacy isn’t just about navigating text – personal, social and emotional skills are also important, which is why I’m passionate about working with the whole person.

Underpinning Education

I’m a qualified English teacher with extensive practical knowledge of SENd, literacy intervention and English subject teaching. After graduating with a 2:1 in English Studies from the University of Winchester, I started tutoring clients from the ages of 5 to 18. I went on to study for my Post Graduate Certificate of Education at Portsmouth and then into secondary English teaching.

I also completed examiner training and I’ve marked GCSEs for all the main UK exam boards. This has given me valuable insights into the system.

Specialising in literacy and SENd

At this point, I knew that Literacy and special educational needs was going to be my area of interest and expertise, so I moved into managing SENd responsibilities in Hampshire Schools alongside my classroom teaching.

Every child is different, with their own talents and aptitudes. Intelligence comes in many forms and I’ve been lucky enough to work with an array of abilities – from academically challenged to intellectually advanced. In my pursuit of making sure children reach their full potential, I’ve mentored trainee teachers (primary and secondary), delivered workshops and I still work with student teachers from the University of Portsmouth.

Constantly updating my skills

When I qualified with University College London as a Reading Recovery teacher in 2014, I was the only secondary school teacher in the country to do so. My passion is to make sure I’ve got as many up-to-date techniques and skills under my belt as possible, meaning I’ve attended training in:

  • Jolly Phonics
  • Writing for SENd
  • Reading Strategies
  • Toe by Toe
  • Nessy
  • Dragon Dictate

Alongside my practical teaching experience, I’ve attended courses on:

  • Dyslexia
  • Dyspraxia
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorders
  • Behaviour
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Social, emotional and mental health difficulties
  • Self-esteem in teenagers
  • Oppositional Defiant Disorder

My curiosity about neurodiversity is leading me into further areas of study, including Neuro-Linguistic Programming which will help students with their confidence and self-esteem.

‘It takes a village to raise a child’

For children to thrive in a healthy environment, specialists from all fields must work together. This is why I’ve established a network of experienced outside agencies and professionals that I trust – so you can too. It’s part of what I do.

I also coach adults and truly believe that it’s never too late to become the person you are destined to be. Being dyslexia should be viewed as a gift due to your unique abilities, but unfortunately that is not the experience of most adults today, many of whom feel geld back. I am here to show you your true potential.

Professional Qualifications

  • 2:1 (Hons) English Studies University of Winchester
  • PGCE Secondary English University of Portsmouth
  • Reading Recovery Teacher
  • Enhanced DBS


  • Member of PATOSS
  • Member of NET
  • Member of NASEN
  • Member of UK Literacy Association
  • Member of Hampshire Dyslexic Association

Dyslexia Tuition

Personalised learning for ages 5 to 18.

Your child is more than a label. As a specialist dyslexia teacher, consultant and coach with over ten years in the field, it’s my mission to help children to reach their full potential. You are unique, your child is unique. That’s why I offer a unique service to help your child develop their skills in reading, writing and spelling to provide a solid foundation for the future.

Having fought the school system as a parent, you probably feel tired and defeated and your child feels much the same. But we can build on your child’s alternative mindset, teach them that their gifts are strengths that they can use to their advantage. Through working together, the world won’t feel quite so confusing. This involves viewing the world anew and nurturing the whole person. It’s impossible to boost academic achievement without taking on issues around self-esteem. That has always been my approach and I’m passionate about it.

I take a whole-child approach, which starts with listening to you and your child in a free 20-minute consultation. I focus on self-worth and confidence, developing tailormade lessons that create positive imagery around learning, build resilience and focus on a positive mindset. I enable your child to reimagine, reform and reconnect with the world.

To find out what Specialist Dyslexia Lessons I offer Please click the button below…

Spelling skills

Selecting and retrieving information

Types of writing (description, narrative, argue advice etc)

Textual analysis

‘Many children struggle in schools… because the way they are being taught is incompatible with the way they learn.’

Peter Senge


American Senior lecturer

Writing skills including word, sentence, paragraph and essay level construction

Planning skills

Handwriting practise and strategies

Critical writing

Primary School

Working with Schools

Research is clear; early intervention is the most powerful tool for ensuring that children do not fall further behind as they progress through school. Children need a solid foundation on which to build their knowledge and skills. Have you got children in class falling behind age related expectations? Do they need a different approach to learning? I provide a multi-sensory learning programme, tailor-made for each individual to accelerate progress and meet expectations.

I’ve arrived at this point in my career having studied and used several ideas, methods and techniques. Unlike most teachers, I don’t follow any one prescribed path, I have a number to choose from, which means my programme will be the best fit for your pupils and their needs. I’ve moved away from the traditional classroom one-size-fits-all approach for a reason: it doesn’t work.

In my lessons and small group intervention, I create positive imagery around learning, develop resilience and focus on a positive mindset. Children make lasting progress and become happier, more effective learners.

Use phonics effectively and with confidence

Write legible words, sentences and paragraphs

Decode text and read unfamiliar words effectively

Use a range of vocabulary for different purposes

Recognise familiar words fluently

Have a sound understanding of story

Read for meaning

Develop fluency and speed

Gain awareness of audience and purpose

Read with confidence

Gain awareness of audience and purpose

Form letters correc

Write fluently and with confidence

Secondary School

Working with Schools

Children who are in year 7 and not meeting expectations are less likely to pass at GCSE. My unique intervention sessions have been successfully delivered in several Hampshire Secondary Schools. I take the whole-child approach, which starts with simply listening to the pupil’s fears and concerns. Concentrating on self-worth and developing a tailormade toolkit, we move forward to boost self-worth alongside developing literacy skills, to take on education and build a solid foundation for progressing through the years.

Learning in year 10 can feel like a leap for many pupils who have struggled through KS3. My targeted group intervention at KS4 has delivered excellent results at GCSE. By empowering pupils and teaching them the key skills for passing at GCSE, they have so many more options available to them later in life. I’ve honed my skills as an established examiner, classroom teacher of countless KS4 classes and private tutor. So whether the child has spacial, linguistic or interpersonal intelligence, for example, I will help them to reach their full potential through both time-honoured and up-to-the-minute techniques to give them the best chance possible to pass.

‘Rebecca has worked with 22 of our pass borderline year 11 pupil’s this year. She has developed an extensive and rigorous GCSE intervention programme to enable them to achieve their best. 15 of them reached their targets grades, four exceeded and one pupil who we did not think would even attend the exams, completed every one. Thanks to her dedication, knowledge and range of teaching skills these pupils are now able to complete the college courses they wish to.’

Hounsdown Secondary School


Hampshire, UK


Adult Coaching

Writing a new story – my work with adults with Dyslexia

Do you suspect that you are dyslexic? Does the idea of reading or writing fill you with anxiety? Are grammar, spelling and handwriting things you’d rather avoid? How is your memory? Do you feel that you career or business is held back because of your dyslexia?

Let’s turn this around.

It's never too late!

Yesterday’s children with dyslexia weren’t treated kindly. With little understanding of the situation, very able but neurally diverse children were overlooked and too often berated and shamed. Waking up to the knowledge that you have dyslexia later in life can be disorientating but with my help, you’ll uncover the obstacles you didn’t even know were there.

I can help you unlock your potential, even though your school days are behind you. There has been a dramatic shift over the last 10 years, with groundbreaking research driving revolutionary study programmes, techniques and strategies, there is so much more available now than when we were at school.

You’ll be surprised at just how much progress we can make in my coaching sessions. Across six personalised sessions in the foundation HO5 Start & Strive course, I will help you to unlock your true potential, lead a calmer, more ordered life and set you on the path to achieving your goals. Building from this my HO20 Accelerate & Achieve course allows us to work together on a deeper, longer-term level to fulfil your true potential. Within both courses I will help you to:

  • Improve your literacy skills
  • Understand how to make the best of your unique gifts
  • Empower you to accelerate your career
  • Discover your brilliance
  • Bring a calm and ordered atmosphere at home
  • Support you through training and further education
  • Achieve life goals

Trust me

The story has changed. Dyslexia is no longer the barrier to learning that it used to be and together we can build your confidence, give you the toolkit you need to succeed and open up the world of words like never before.


I love coaching adults to fulfil their personal and career potential. I have worked with adults re-entering education, business owners, managing directors and people seeking changes in career, all have felt trapped and isolated due to their dyslexia and felt that they needed a new way forward.

Forever learning – Short Courses for adults

Unsure how to teach your child to read? Are you confused by phonics? Has the recent lockdown highlighted your lack of literacy knowledge when helping your children?

It’s my mission to empower and inspire parents. Alongside coaching, I also offer several short courses designed to help you understand and improve your literacy. Provided through the Teachable platform, which allows you to track your progress and work at your own pace, my courses will give you all the skills you need to ensure that your children don’t fall behind. I create positive imagery around learning, develop resilience and focus on a positive mindset so that you can help with homework and develop a love of learning in your child.

‘ I failed my GCSE in English Language a few years ago but needed it to get on the college course I wanted to do. Rebecca tutored me once a week for three months, with her help I was able to pass my GCSE and get onto the course.’



Events Management Full Time Student, Age 22

The Reading Project

Have fun and lets spread the reading love!

Welcome to The Reading Project! We love books and we love seeing children reading as we know it has a direct impact on learning and progress as well as being enjoyable! Come and join in the fun!

Rebecca has a passion for getting children reading so she set up and self-funded The Reading Project in 2019 after reading some shocking statistics about how many children in the UK don’t own a single book. With an army of friends and volunteers, books are hidden all over the country to be read and enjoyed.

Find one of our books hidden away, take a picture of it and upload to the Facebook page The Reading Project, read it and then rehide it! Of course, you can keep the book you find but perhaps rehide one of your own (if you have one) that you don’t read anymore for someone else to enjoy. Our books are either new or good condition pre-loved with some titles you might know and some you might not!

We are soon to be registered as an official charity so we can spread more reading love!

‘Children who own books are six times more likely to read above the level expected for their age - but hundreds of thousands of children still don't own a single book.'

The National Literacy Trust


Love to Read.

Love Books.

Love to Learn.