How to Support Your Dyslexic Child

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Supporting your child who is dyslexic can be a challenge. What methods work? What if I do something wrong? What reading intervention is best?  How can I get school to help? These are just a few of the questions I get asked ALL THE TIME. 

But what if I told you that I’ve created a course to answer these and teach you so much more! 

I’m Rebecca Rogerson and I feel the struggle. I live and breath dyslexia every day, through the children and parents I help and my husband and daughter. It’s my mission to educate parents on dyslexia and teach you how to help your child so that they can flourish. 


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This course is BRAND NEW! I’ve created 6 HOURS worth of videos and a handbook to help you navigate this journey. As it’s brand new, we have a special offer for £99 for the first 20 people who sign up. After this it’s going to be £299 , so that’s a massive saving of £200!!

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We are also creating a BRAND NEW Dyslexia Support Membership group on Facebook full of live teaching, expert help, recorded video training and like minded parents. This will usually be £40 a month, but its yours for FREE once you purchase the How To Support You Dyslexic Course.  That’s another saving of £480!

Claim your access to £779 worth of content for only £99 NOW! 

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You can access the course when you like and where you like as it is entirely online. Take your time to do the course, go at your own pace and re-watch the videos when you need to. The course will give you the skills and resources you need to provide knowledgeable support at home to help your child. Save on tutoring costs by being your child’s learning support. Give your child the confidence they need to succeed in a way that suits them best. Help your child get the best results at school.

Rebecca gets results!

“Rebecca has completely changed my daughters perception of herself. It was always about more than a lack of reading ability. Not only has Rebecca improved her reading and writing, but she’s shown her that she is clever, can do anything and that dyslexia does not have to define her. I will be forever thankful to Rebecca for her help, support and inspiration.”

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Feel knowledgeable

Rebecca teaches you practical strategies to support your child's learning in videos that you can access as many times as you need. 

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A £200 saving on our usual price, only £99 for 6 hours worth of help. 12 months free membership to the support group saving you another £480! 

You join a Community!

With this deal, we add you to our Facebook community for free for a year, meaning you get extra support and advice, as well being part of a community going through the same thing!